Business Brainstorming Pt 5

Now that you have had the opportunity to go through the previous four parts of the blog on how to Brainstorm a business it is time to summarize this process. 1.    You must go through an activity of coming up with possible businesses you would be interested in operating. 2.    You are going to do […]

Business Brainstorming Pt 4

You’ve now spent some time thinking about businesses you might start up and you should have come up with between eight and twelve ideas. If you’re having trouble coming up with enough ideas, you need to enlist the help of a couple of family members or friends. Your problem may relate to the fact that […]

Business Brainstorming Pt 3

I hope that by now you are beginning to realize that the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. A quick review of the top finds for “Dry Cleaning” reveals there are entrepreneurs involved in all stages of the subject, not just those offering dry cleaning. There are people offering courses, selling equipment, offering tips […]

Business Brainstorming Pt 2

“Dry Cleaning” An example of an idea thought of randomly. One, which on the face of it sounds kinda out there. But, we’re brainstorming so no idea may be dismissed until it has been examined. First – enter “dry cleaning” into Google search. You might expect to find little; however, the search brings back 117,000,000 […]

Business Brainstorming

While we’re on the subject of brainstorming, I thought it might prove an instructive exercise to choose a business subject at random as an example and see what you could do to check out any idea that comes to you. I’ve selected Dry Cleaning as an example. Dry Cleaning? Where does that come from? Well, […]

Which Business? Pt 3

Here are another four questions to finish this draft checklist o    “How could I compete in this business?”*9 o    “How can I deliver more value than the next guy?”*10 o    “Do I have any unique ideas for this business?”*11 o    “Am I going to enjoy operating this business?”*12 *9-Why does this business appeal to you? […]

Which Business? Pt 2

In the last blog, I started assembling a checklist of questions that you could use to vet all of your ideas for setting up a business. Let’s continue with some more questions today. o    “Do I have something of value to provide to people?”*5 o    “Do I care about people enough?”*6 o    “Can I get […]

Which Business? Pt 1

Many like yourself are searching for solutions and, you are all too quick to dismiss any suggestions that come to mind. This is wrong thinking as, no idea is ever stupid and should not be eliminated until you have subjected your idea to a “check list” to determine whether or not the idea could be […]

Choosing Your Business

A question that a lot of people like you have is – “What business should I go into?” The answers are really simple but not so obvious. •    You want to be able to offer a service or product to people. •    You must choose something people want. •    Do not choose something you think […]

An Example of a Basic Business

Sorry to all you guys that never gave it any thought before, but the chances are that if you or your spouse manages a household, one of you already has some experience of value relevant to operating a business. Managing a household, especially one with children, is a much more challenging job than most might […]