The Checklist Content 2

Suggested items for your checklist continue with the subject, time, a critical resource in short supply for all of us. Resources 2.    How much time do I have available to devote to my business? Just as you did when answering the question regarding how much money you have available to invest, you must be equally […]

The Checklist Content 1

Let me emphasize here that I am blogging on a variety of subjects; which taken together, provide you with some guidance and will help you to build a business that is suitable for you and one that stands some chance of lasting. Your success all comes down to how much effort you put into this […]

The Checklist Pt 2

You may have doubts about using a checklist but consider the following:- •    When you are going away on vacation, you or your spouse will normally prepare a list of things to make sure you bring along, a list of things you’ll need which you’ll check off as you pack. •    When you take your […]

The Checklist

You should have a checklist, one that helps you to make decisions that are in sync with whatever your desires and objectives may be. There is no value to making decisions that don’t support your goals. Bad choices will cost you time, they will cost you money, and it may take you a very long […]

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The delay in following up on my last blog has been as the result of finding out that we had very little time to act on an opportunity to take advantage of an opening that became available for my mother-in-law to move to a senior’s residence. My mind and my attention have been elsewhere. So […]

Finding Info-Product 3

I know, I’m getting scattered in providing information but I want you to have the benefit of any useful information that occurs to me as I’m writing otherwise, it might be a long time before I think of it again. Not only do you need to be assured that an entrepreneur has a good product […]

Finding Info-Product 2

127,000,000 is a very big number and far more searches than you or anyone else will review. Most people won’t go beyond the first page, some might go a page or two further and one or two might review the first 100. Whenever you get back a huge result like this, you can narrow your […]

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So where do you look for product that you can sell online and be paid to do it? When searching for anything online, a lot of people use keywords, words that are very specific in describing what they want. You can do this too; however, you can also ask a question. In this case, a […]

Online Information Products Pt 4

You may be in the position where you have ideas for one or more info-products but don’t have the confidence, or perhaps the time required to get a product of your own up and running just yet. There are products available where you can buy the rights to sell and distribute the product and you […]

Online Information Products Pt 3

On top of the fact that selling information products minimizes or even eliminates the need to carry inventory you also have the wonderful advantage of being able to make modifications to your manuscripts, documents, etc on the fly, so to speak. In other words, if you wake up one morning realizing that something you’ve stated […]