Online Information Products Pt 2

Going into the business of selling information products gives you a more choices than you might first think. People learn differently and it pays you to consider that information products can be offered in different formats. Some people read some prefer to listen, others to watch. Here is a list of a few different ways […]

Online Information Products

Continuing the discussion on information products, I must caution you not to consider plagiarizing any work done by another. Plagiarizing means using something created by someone else and claiming it as your own. There are places o the web, such as some of the links you’ll find when entering “Duplicate Content”, as I suggested in […]

Online Business Products Pt 4

The “Tomorrow” I referred to in my last blog got pushed out by the holidays. Hope you enjoyed a great Easter, Passover or whatever you may have celebrated in recent days. In my last blog, I was talking about ways you could generate info product even if you don’t think you have any useful knowledge […]

Online Business Products Pt 3

Info-Products •    You can make a major modification to any of your products with no financial impact due to lost inventory because you don’t have any inventory. •    You can record your product on more than one media to provide more choices to your customer. •    Some people like to have a feely-touchy document such […]