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This post was written by Tony-Online on February 11, 2010
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Sorry to all you guys that never gave it any thought before, but the chances are that if you or your spouse manages a household, one of you already has some experience of value relevant to operating a business.

Managing a household, especially one with children, is a much more challenging job than most might think and it means that (usually the woman) she has the opportunity to learn and improve her skills in the areas of planning, financial management, time management, self management, purchasing, handling several projects at once and on and on, every day.

The job of running a home consists of many elements which are similar to those found in any small businesses. Putting together a weekly plan for meals requires planning, the foods making up each meal, the ingredients required, a list of things to be purchased, working out what has to be assembled, cooked, and which things need to be prepared so that the complete menu comes together a set time.

Raising children, and all that it involves, is a very complex project. Think of the constant attention to health matters, clothing, practical education, setting boundaries, and a host of activities required as the children grow – public schooling, extra curricular activities, transportation, outfitting, etc.

The planning and preparation of meals and the raising of children are two of many complex tasks make up running a typical home. Is it any wonder that many women are able to rejoin the work force after many years of absence and mesh in without any major problems?

So if you are wondering what is involved in a basic business you need look no further than your home, which illustrates the number of hats one must wear in operating a small business. Yes, obviously one person can do this successfully but, there is a lot to learn and the easy way is to take advantage of someone else’s experience. In the case of running a home, you often learn from your parents

I’ll help you discover advice that will enable you to take strategic steps in starting up a successful business or in greatly improving a business you already have. More tomorrow.

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