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This post was written by Tony-Online on February 12, 2010
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A question that a lot of people like you have is –
“What business should I go into?”

The answers are really simple but not so obvious.

•    You want to be able to offer a service or product to people.
•    You must choose something people want.
•    Do not choose something you think people need.
•    People don’t buy things they need, they buy things they want.
•    Select something you are passionate about.
•    Select a service or product that you know something about.
•    Don’t choose a service or product that will cost you a lot to invest in up front before you have any proof it is going to work.
•    Be committed to care more about your customers than yourself.
•    Make customers your first priority, not making money.
•    Don’t start with something that hasn’t been done before; the reason it hasn’t been done before is most likely because others already tried and failed at it, not because it’s a great idea.
•    Start with something others are doing BUT, your goal is to do it better than the competition.
•    Deliver more than you promise.
•    Read these critical essentials again.

Once you have one or two services or products that you are considering as the basis for business, make time to check out the lay of the land. By that I mean you absolutely must confirm that there are people out there looking for what you are thinking about offering. If nobody wants what you have to sell, it doesn’t matter how great it is, you won’t have any success.

You can search for others in the same business you’re considering and you can search forums to find out what the interest is. Check out competitors; what are they doing, not doing, doing well, not doing well. This research will help you determine how to structure your business, what you’re going to do, what you can do better.

It’s okay to have a business similar to what others have but in order to achieve any real success, you have to be doing something different, better, bigger, and/or offer a unique experience to your customer.
More next week.

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