Which Business? Pt 1

This post was written by Tony-Online on February 16, 2010
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Many like yourself are searching for solutions and, you are all too quick to dismiss any suggestions that come to mind.

This is wrong thinking as, no idea is ever stupid and should not be eliminated until you have subjected your idea to a “check list” to determine whether or not the idea could be used or another idea that may come to you while thinking about this one.

For your purposes, you should apply a check list that quickly answers some of the basic questions; such as-
•    “Is this a product or service that people want?”*1
•    Ask yourself a few questions;
o    “Is anyone else in this business?”*2
o    “Do I know something about this business?”*3
o    “Do I care enough about this business?”*4

*1-Note that you should stay away from things you believe people need. Your opinion is often a very poor indicator to go by.

*2-Stay away from “original” or “novel” business ideas. You can quickly learn if others are already in any business you consider by Googling the product or service on the net and try variations of the name as my experience has been that what I call a widget is often not the same name others will use.

*3-Don’t get caught up in thinking that some people are having great success selling X on the web so you should be in that business, even though you know little to nothing about that business. You will fail. Stick with something you know, something you have experience with or a similar business your experience would apply to.

*4-If you think that running this business is going to be a chore for you, if you are easily going to become bored with it, don’t start it. You must choose a business you care about, you want to use to help people because, if not, people are going to realize very soon that you really find it boring – your emotion is going to be revealed by your words, marketing promotions, etc.

Your sample checklist continues tomorrow.

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