Business Brainstorming Pt 2

This post was written by Tony-Online on February 23, 2010
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“Dry Cleaning” An example of an idea thought of randomly. One, which on the face of it sounds kinda out there. But, we’re brainstorming so no idea may be dismissed until it has been examined.

First – enter “dry cleaning” into Google search. You might expect to find little; however, the search brings back 117,000,000 finds – Wow!
Maybe the idea isn’t silly so let’s check it out.

The first thing I note is that there is a directory of dry cleaners by state so, I check Rhode Island and find 29 cities listed. Checking Bristol I see 3 locations for outlets. This is great information and if you are thinking of opening a dry cleaning store you can see who the competition is.

If you lived in Bristol, RI you wouldn’t want to limit your self to just one source of information. You would want to check out the competition by walking around the area you’re considering, identifying dry cleaning stores, try them out by taking in some of your clothes and do it more than one time to get a good idea their service, any specials they offer and get a good idea of the pros and cons of their customer service, cleaning quality, bonuses, etc.

But, if you plan to have an online business, is it going to one where you coach others what to do or not do? On the right side I clicked on an ad that stated 11 things you need to know before signing up to take a course. Maybe what they say is good information, maybe not.

Follow up any information like this that shows up during your searches because you may learn something you can use to improve what you’re planning to offer.

Checking out your competition by subscribing to the products or services they offer can help you identify ways to strengthen your business. What do you like about what they offer? What don’t you like? Do they market well? Poorly? What would you do differently to improve what you’re doing? What do you like that you could adapt to your sales? How can you be better than the competition?

More tomorrow.

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