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What does Power mean to you?

Is it the Knowledge you have?

My name is Tony Neilson and I’ve been hearing that “Knowledge is Power” all my life and, I expect you have as well.

This is one of those often repeated ‘gems of wisdom’ that gets retold time and time again; in the hope that we’ll take heed and expose ourselves to more and more education.

But, you know what? It isn’t true! And it has taken me such a long time to realize that it isn’t true.

Knowledge is certainly worthwhile gathering and, being educated in any subject will almost certainly help you to progress with your chosen interest, but knowledge alone won’t put much bread on your table, it won’t help you to achieve much and, it generally won’t return health, happiness, or wealth to you.

Knowing a lot about any one thing may help you to become an expert but there is another saying to the effect that-
X is an unknown factor and a spurt is a drop of water under pressure!
(You will be well to remember this when dealing with experts.)

You may be asking, how does this relate to setting up and operating a successful business?

Success at anything depends upon many things and one is the application of knowledge. It is not what you know; it is gaining leverage by using what you know.

The volume of knowledge available to you, me and anyone else with the ability to read is vast. A lot of information on the web consists of opinions about things, much of which is not accurate. A lot of it is valuable knowledge but when it comes to setting up a business, there is a lot of information telling you what you should be doing but, far too little information explaining how to use and apply knowledge.

My hope is to help you find ways of becoming smarter and to put your knowledge to work for you in a business you choose. More tomorrow.

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