Business Brainstorming Pt 3

This post was written by Tony-Online on February 25, 2010
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I hope that by now you are beginning to realize that the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. A quick review of the top finds for “Dry Cleaning” reveals there are entrepreneurs involved in all stages of the subject, not just those offering dry cleaning.

There are people offering courses, selling equipment, offering tips for those in the business or for anyone thinking about taking a course. There are dry cleaners listing their locations – sorta like the yellow pages. If a particular activity is right up your alley, there are a variety of niches within that area that you can consider starting a business in.

I’m even reminded of a guy I recently saw pitching to the Dragons. He has a system for the collection of gold from people which he is franchising to businesses – he mentioned that one was a dry cleaner. Not the sort of thing that immediately comes to mind when you think of the dry cleaning business, but it’s apparently working quite well.

Another example of offering a unique experience was a Laundromat I went to in Las Vegas years ago. It had a bar. Yeah they had a liquor license and their slogan was something to the effect, “Enjoy our Suds while you Wash your Duds”. It’s in the desert, it’s hot a lot of the time so it makes sense that people would get thirsty for something cold.

Question – How is this information useful to you? In any business you get involved in, online or bricks and mortar, you should look for ways to distinguish your business from others. Odd as might seem, offering to buy gold is a novel way of getting people to your brick and mortar and that gives you the opportunity to show off your level of service, your concern for quality, and your empathy for the customer’s needs. Use your imagination.

Critical elements for you to consider are;
What can I do to make the customer try my service?
How can I do something differently, more appealingly, and/or better than the competition?
Identify improvements you can make to your product or service that will make dealing with you a more pleasurable experience for them.
What service could I add that would please people?

We’ll continue thinking tomorrow.

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