Business Brainstorming Pt 4

This post was written by Tony-Online on February 26, 2010
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You’ve now spent some time thinking about businesses you might start up and you should have come up with between eight and twelve ideas. If you’re having trouble coming up with enough ideas, you need to enlist the help of a couple of family members or friends.

Your problem may relate to the fact that many of us don’t appreciate what we know, what we are good at; we just can’t see what our strengths are. Our family members and our friends have a more objective view of us and that can be an excellent reason to enlist their help.

Remember explain to them how the brainstorming process works, point out that even silly ideas are welcome and that these ideas may not be silly when you examine them closely at the end of the process – they may stimulate other ideas which you will add to your list.

All ideas must be written down – it’s necessary to do this so you can review them later in the brainstorming process. When you examine your list of ideas to determine how practical each is, thoughts; both pro and con, will occur to you. It’s very important that you write these down for a number of reasons.

As you identify the pros and cons of each idea on your list, what you previously thought of as a negative reason to dismiss a previous idea you may now see differently. This could result in you changing your mind about an earlier note you’ve made. Remember that you should have no specific pre-conceived idea as to where this process will lead.

You want to identify a business that you can compete in but don’t decide anything beforehand. If you decide anything ahead of time you will lose the value of this process.

Once you reach the end of this brainstorming process you may end up with one idea that stands out and is the logical choice for you to follow up. If you end up with two or three ideas with equal merit, you have to proceed to a second phase of elimination because trying to set up more than one business at the start will dilute your effort.

We’ll look at this more closely tomorrow.

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