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This post was written by Tony-Online on March 17, 2010
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This is a good time to recap the blogs I’ve done on the subject of business so far to serve as a reminder of the topics I’ve covered for those of you that have read from the beginning and for those of you that are just joining in and haven’t read all of the past weeks blogs.

I’ve been covering a few of the things that you should consider and some of the common problems people like you face when thinking about opening a business online and these have included:-
•    A look at where your POWER comes from.
•    Ask yourself WHAT DO YOU WANT?
•    SO WHAT DO I KNOW – what knowledge can you use to create a business?
•    DO YOU WANT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING? What are you willing to contribute to the objective of starting a business?
•    ISN’T THERE AN EASY WAY TO START? Start at the beginning.
•    AN EXAMPLE OF A BASIC BUSINESS. One you’ve benefited from but may never have thought of as a business.
•    CHOOSING YOUR BUSINESS and WHICH BUSINESS – 4 blogs covering some critical essentials you should think about.
•    BUSINESS BRAINSTORMING – 5 Blogs that describe a process you can use to come up with an idea for a business.
•    SEARCHING FOR A BUSINESS – 4 Blogs describing precautions you should consider when entering into a business.
•    YOUR BUSINESS – PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS. Not you business assets, your PERSONAL ASSETS. 4 Blogs on the precautions you need to consider if you and your family have personal assets, assets that may be at risk due if any misfortune strike your business. I included this information not to make you worry but to educate you and encourage you to think about this. It’s much easier to concern yourself with this subject up front, very difficult when you confront a situation.

If you haven’t read or if you skimmed over any of these subjects, I urge you to take a few minutes of your time to review them again.

See you tomorrow.

An original blog written by Tony Neilson and published at March 17/10

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