Online Business Benefits Pt 3

This post was written by Tony-Online on March 24, 2010
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I should point out that if you are operating or considering the operation of a catalog business, my comments about a business selling goods are really not directed at you. A catalog business is usually one where there is a wide assortment of; for example, camping gear, knick-knacks or tools for sale, etc. My comments are directed to those of you that are dealing with a handful of items.

On the other hand, you could always have a portion of your inventory handled by a third party to reduce the amount of inventory you must manage. If you were selling camping gear including bulky items like canoes and other watercraft in your catalog, you might be able to find one or more suppliers that would act as fulfillment centers for you and avoid the need to carry these large items as on hand inventory.

Doing something like this could save you a lot of effort and money while still enabling you to offer a broader assortment of products than your space and financial resources could support.

The lesson here is that any given idea may not apply to your business BUT this doesn’t mean that an idea couldn’t be applied to part of your business. Breakthroughs in business thinking can often come from applying an idea used in a completely different business to your own business or, to a part of your business.

Always keep an open mind. One of the most quoted mistakes business owners make is believing that an idea, a system, or a marketing process may work well in someone else’s business but, “it wouldn’t work in my business”. You are surrounded by ideas; all you have to do is test other existing ideas in your own business to see if they work instead of trying to come up with something original yourself.

As usual, I’m drifting off the subject but I want you to benefit from any random thoughts I have as I’m writing so, I hope you stay alert as I ramble on – something I say might reveal a “river of diamonds” in your world.

Stay tuned.

An original blog written by Tony Neilson and published at March 24/10

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