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This post was written by Tony-Online on April 1, 2010
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•    You can make a major modification to any of your products with no financial impact due to lost inventory because you don’t have any inventory.
•    You can record your product on more than one media to provide more choices to your customer.
•    Some people like to have a feely-touchy document such as an ebook or a report.
•    Others prefer to have a CD they can listen to at home or in their car on their daily commute. You can read an info-product into the computer and create a CD.
•    Provide you with a choice of media to offer to your customers.

Sources for Info-Product

You may feel that you have no story, no advice to offer but, each of us have unique experiences in our lives and you may have much more to offer than you believe.

Begin by looking as objectively as you can at your experience. Many people are inclined to sell themselves short, viewing what they know, what they have done and what they can do as being of little importance.

By looking at your experiences and abilities through objective eyes, try to imagine how you would view another person who had accomplished what you have. Impressed? Good! Others out there may want the benefit of your experience and thinking. The job before you is to set your experiences down on paper.

Perhaps you think that your writing skills are not adequate to the task but you won’t know until you try. Here are a few suggestions you might start with to construct a report using baby steps –
•    Make a summary of the main points you would like to cover in your writing assignment.
•    Make additional notes for each of the main points summarized on your list.
•    Expand on each of these notes by writing more information or making more notes.
•    Think of interesting experiences you’ve had that help the reader to visualize the information you’re writing about.
•    Try writing some of these down.
•    Don’t try to write a novel, just try to make a list of bits of knowledge, experiences you’ve had, stories about your experiences and those of others that help to describe the points you are trying to make.

I’ll continue with more on info-products tomorrow.

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