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This post was written by Tony-Online on April 12, 2010
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You may be in the position where you have ideas for one or more info-products but don’t have the confidence, or perhaps the time required to get a product of your own up and running just yet.

There are products available where you can buy the rights to sell and distribute the product and you get to keep the money. Searching for a product you can buy the resale rights to may suit your current situation much better than slowly working to create and finalize your own.

One advantage is that you can start learning some of the various aspects you have to manage as an online marketer. Another is that you get the opportunity to start your business without having to spend a lot of money up front.

Disadvantages can include-
•    You may not be able to find such a product that suits your objectives and beliefs.
•    You probably are committed by the seller to make no changes to their product – you will have to sell it in an unchanged form.
•    The product will often create a link back to the originator of the product; a condition that will limit the quantity of new contacts you’ll add to your own list.
•    Many such products are out of date; something that happens quickly on the web, and as such, may be providing some stale information on the subject.

All things considered, this is a way for you to get started with a product and learn about the marketing side of selling online and make a few bucks as you go. Maybe you still have no idea what to create and sell and, if so, this may be just the ticket for you.

However you decide to proceed, keep in mind that you are lending your name to supporting this product and that the credibility you establish on the web lives on with you in any future business activities so, take the time to be discerning. If you start off being an affiliate marketer for someone selling sex aids, it may come back to haunt you if you later get into a business selling, oh let’s say, children’s books.

More tomorrow.

An original blog written by Tony Neilson and published at April 12/10

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