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This post was written by Tony-Online on April 16, 2010
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So where do you look for product that you can sell online and be paid to do it?

When searching for anything online, a lot of people use keywords, words that are very specific in describing what they want. You can do this too; however, you can also ask a question. In this case, a person selling someone else’s product is termed an affiliate and, I’ve no doubt you could search under any term you can think of and get some result.

I entered, “I want to be an affiliate” in my Google search box and Google returned 117,000 finds. By putting your question in quotation marks, Google returns only those finds that contain this exact phrase

A quick look at the top results indicates that many of the finds are courses or coaching people are offering to sell you so that you too can be an affiliate. For now, keep your money close. Before you decide to buy a book or a course on how to do this, consider the following-
•    You need a blog or a website.
•    You need one or more products to sell on the website.
•    Sellers want affiliates – they are not considered competition.
•    A good seller will provide you with marketing information for you to use on your site to promote their products.
•    You need to create a process that attracts people to your site.
•    You are interested in attracting people that have an interest in the type of product you have available,
•    You want to minimize window-shoppers. The curious folks that may be interested to see what you’re selling but have no intention of taking their hands out of their pockets – they are not buyers.
•    Attracting Traffic is a whole skill set in itself so I’m not going into any details at this time.

You can refine your search by getting more specific. I typed in
info products to sell
but not in quotation marks, and Google returned 127,000,000 finds.

More coming.

An original blog written by Tony Neilson and published at April 16/10

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