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This post was written by Tony-Online on April 16, 2010
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127,000,000 is a very big number and far more searches than you or anyone else will review. Most people won’t go beyond the first page, some might go a page or two further and one or two might review the first 100.

Whenever you get back a huge result like this, you can narrow your search by being more specific. Your review of the results returned the first time will provide you with a good idea of what results came back that are not of interest to you and help you become more specific in your search wording.

You are eventually going to find that your searches return people offering to sell you something to help you find people looking for affiliates, people looking for affiliates to sell their stuff and a whole lot of stuff in between.

You want to be discerning (don’t jump at the first thing that seems good), there is a huge amount of stuff for sale on the web and a very large percentage is a waste of your money. The only way you are going to learn to distinguish great from good from a complete waste of money is to experiment and to find people who give you good advice as to whether or not to buy in to a particular story.

It is no different from day to day life – we all learn from our mistakes but if you can learn from the mistakes others make you can get wiser a lot quicker and it don’t hurt so much.

It can be more difficult to make choices on the web because you are offered so many places to enter into any business dealing with. You have to find somebody good, somebody knowledgeable, someone you can trust, and be guided by their recommendations and suggestions.

My approach is to search for the best of the best and to trust only the people that they trust. In other words, learn from the experience of others, it can cost you less.

More coming.

An original blog written by Tony Neilson and published at April 16/10

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