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This post was written by Tony-Online on April 26, 2010
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You should have a checklist, one that helps you to make decisions that are in sync with whatever your desires and objectives may be. There is no value to making decisions that don’t support your goals. Bad choices will cost you time, they will cost you money, and it may take you a very long time to get on track to growing the business you want.

Savvy investors; a very small minority, employ a checklist of criteria they have prepared as the result of having to make decisions about what to invest in and what not to invest in over the years. Their checklist becomes the blueprint they apply to every decision they make. You may not have heard this before, and the reason is probably because almost everybody buys, invests, and makes choices that are emotionally based.

They take an action because it “feels right” or “everybody’s doing it” or “this is the chance of a lifetime”. You can choose to “use your gut” in the choices you make but, first, have a checklist of conditions a choice must meet before you spend any time thinking further about it.

It is very important that you understand that what works for me, or for Tom, or Dick or Harry, isn’t necessarily what is going to work for you. The checklist you are going to prepare will be one that addresses your situation, not anyone else’s, yours and yours alone.

Any checklist you prepare must include criteria you define with respect to your skill set; the stuff you know how to do well; stuff you are prepared to learn how to do well, and stuff you don’t want to do. You may or may not be able to manage others well based upon your experience.

Don’t allow yourself to take on staff if you aren’t a people person. You could learn how to become one but the cost to you of learning how could far exceed any benefits and could postpone any success you might enjoy for a long time.

To be continued.

An original blog written by Tony Neilson and published at April 26/10

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