The Checklist Pt 2

This post was written by Tony-Online on April 27, 2010
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You may have doubts about using a checklist but consider the following:-
•    When you are going away on vacation, you or your spouse will normally prepare a list of things to make sure you bring along, a list of things you’ll need which you’ll check off as you pack.
•    When you take your car in for standard maintenance, the mechanic will use a standard checklist to make sure everything that has to be looked at for the checkup is reviewed.
•    A pilot has a checklist they go through before taking off – the purpose is ensuring safety.
•    When you take your car in for an annual inspection, they use a checklist; a very long one, in making sure that all potential problem areas get looked at.

So, why wouldn’t you prepare a checklist for something as important as choosing a business to start? The “think time” you invest in creating a list of 12 to 15 things that you are going to apply to any possibility will repay you many times over by helping to steer your choice towards a business that suits you.

Is a checklist a guarantee of success? Certainly not! There are just too many things that can go wrong but, by starting down the right road to begin with, you’ll be off to a much better start and greatly improve your chances of making an informed choice.

So making or not making a checklist should not be considered an option; instead, make it a priority to prepare a checklist you will use as you review the possibilities. And, even if you know what business you’re going into, I recommend that you still prepare a list, in this case, a more detailed list of specifics that you want or don’t want to become involved with.

A checklist that benefits from you having thought your situation through may prove to be the most valuable tool you have.

To be continued.

An original blog written by Tony Neilson and published at April 27/10

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