This is a blog published by Tony Neilson. My intention is to provide you with free information critical to the creation and operation of an online business, information that describes how to go about choosing, finding, and creating a business that is right for you and your experience.

It is also my intention to provide you with links to several of the world’s most successful marketers, with outstanding success in advising and/or operating both online and offline businesses. Links that will provide you the opportunity to purchase programs that will finally enable you to set up your own business and provide you with more timely, valuable, experience-based information than you are ever likely to get from other marketers or a university degree in business.

There is such a lot of misinformation on business creation on the web and you can easily find yourself spending huge sums of money following “gurus” various programs telling you what you should do to set up a business, what you should do to become rich overnight, what you should do to attract tons of traffic, and that you can become successful by sitting on your couch and collecting checks all day long.

But not very many provide you with detailed information on what you should do, why their experience indicates this is what you should try, and show you how to implement these actions. Too many gurus provide you with information that is either out of date or just plain doesn’t work.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars over the past few years, much of it wasted on internet marketers that appeared to be great, but were better at making money for themselves than they are at showing you how to build a lasting business online with customers you care about and customers that care about you and really want what you have to offer.

I’ve encountered people that have been online for ten years and still haven’t made any money, been victims of bad advice and their own shortcomings, ones that have continued to block their progress because no one ever took the time to tell them how to do or how not to do some aspect of their business.

The people I’ve uncovered are the best of the best. My journey of discovery has been a combination of persistence and very good luck.

What I’ve learned is the result of finding and listening to some very, very successful people online. Internet marketers that have learned a great amount of business wisdom, applied it online, achieved outstanding success and are willing to share what they know with you for far less than they spent.

They are all people who genuinely want to make an easier road for you than they had.

Most judge their own success by your success.

All give information freely and willingly but if you decide to buy any of their products, you will not be disappointed as long as you are willing to listen to what they say, act on the information, and do it exactly as they tell you.

A box of time-sensitive wisdom languishing on your shelf won’t make you a success any more than putting that textbook under your pillow overnight resulted in you waking up the next morning an expert on the subject covered in the book

Don’t modify something because you think you know better. Until you’ve worked with the principles and information they have to offer you can’t possibly be smarter let alone anywhere near as knowledgeable as these people.

These are all people that walk the talk; they are doing what they are advising you to do and they are constantly making revisions and changes to what they do as what works and doesn’t work changes on the web from week to week and they are keeping you informed of the changing landscape on a real-time basis.

So, read my blogs, try one or two of the products my mentors have to offer, and decide for yourself.

Join an exclusive group of people on the web that have found a handful of mentors who will not just tell you what to do, they will show you what to do based on their latest reviews of what’s working and what isn’t, explain why and encourage you to apply as much of the experienced advice they have to offer as you can.

You’ll be glad that you’ve taken action to follow this road by my side.